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Maritime Vintage

Metaverse AI Critters

These blockchain-ready, digital creatures are the ultimate must-have for any Metaverse collector. Each Critter is verifiable on the blockchain, so you know you're getting the real deal.

Get yours while you can, as the Critters are elusive. You can collect and trade them all with other Critter enthusiasts. Some great opportunities are coming for those who can collect them all.

Stay tuned for some exciting news for collectors of the full set of Metaverse AI Critters.

The 🍌🐀 was here.

Enter The Metaverse: NFT Art Galery

Enter The Metaverse

Metaverse AI Critters

Art by Blaise🔥🔥🔥x AI Metaverse AI Critters

Collect Them All

Social Media Day

“I attended your Pinterest session at the #SMDH19. It was the best session I saw that day.  Great presentation of the key facts to know about Pinterest and also how to strategically approach that platform. Kudos to you!” 

- Sebastian

Pinterest Inspiration

"I'm a makeup artist and I know Pinterest is a huge benefit, but I’ve just been too intimidated to jump in, but you’ve really inspired me!"

- Kyla

Maritime Vintage and the 🍌🐀 on Pinterest

I help Brands and Artists Setup their Brand and business in the Metaverse and Web 3 building on land they own for the long-term through storytelling. Home of the 🍌🐀. Called the Pinterest & NFT Whisperer.


Maritime Vintage Home of the Banana Rat

Enter The Metaverse



RTFKT x NIKE Augmented Reality Apparel

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ARTificial Intelligence by Sophia

Maritime Vintage

The New Bohemia

Bohemian and Boho Décor fused with Vintage décor, Farmhouse Style , Shabby Chic, and  Steampunk

Designed Just For You

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