The Black Balloon

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The Black Balloon

Against the clear blue sky, a solitary black balloon lingers,
A ghostly image of our addiction's toll.
Its dark shadow burdened with all our woes,
A demon tempting us to succumb too soon.

In restless dreams, it grips our troubled mind,
A constant reminder of what we left behind.
Its dark shadow burdened with all our woes,
A sign of all the damage we've done, enshrined.

The loss and pain threaten to make it burst,
Symbolic of our struggle and our pain.
The black balloon looms, a fearsome sight,
But we'll endure and conquer with our might.

And when we falter, let us find the way
To rise again and bravely face the fight each day.

Black Balloon Day — a day dedicated to remembering all of those who died from a drug overdose.

On March 6th, families and loved ones worldwide will display black balloons in remembrance of those we have lost to overdose, drug poisoning, and other substance-related harms.

The family of Greg Tremblay created Black Balloon Day in remembrance of his passing from an overdose on March 6, 2015.

Black Balloon Day is a way for people worldwide to come together and celebrate the memories of loved ones they lost to substance abuse. While celebrating the life of loved ones, many also hope to raise awareness to prevent future overdoses, so fewer families experience this loss.

Art by Blaise 🔥🔥🔥