Tech's Biggest Upset: How Nvidia Could Eclipse the Most Lucrative Empire In History, According to the🍌🐀!

Will Nvidia Eclipse the Richest Company in History? The🍌🐀reveals the Mind-Blowing Answer!
👾 Nvidia will be bigger than the Dutch East India Company was at its apex.
👾 In 1667 the Dutch East India Company was worth 78 million Dutch guilders, which translates to a whopping $7.9 trillion in modern dollars.
👾 Nvidia is well positioned to lap them in today's dollars.
👾 Humankind is on the cusp of the biggest jump in human productivity the world has ever seen.
👾 Artificial Intelligence will disrupt and optimize every process in every business, in every industry, in every vertical.
⛏️ Invest in the infrastructure, and learn from the Klondike.
The🍌🐀has spoken.

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 Nvida will be the biggest company on earth and in history


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