Social Media Marketing | How to use Pinterest | How To Get 1 Million Monthly Impressions (2018)

Social Media Marketing | How to use Pinterest | How To Get 1 Million Monthly Impressions (2018)



How to Use Pinterest To Get One Million Impressions Per Month


How to Use Pinterest as a Social Media Marketing Tool. How Used Pinterest to Generate One Million Monthly Targeted Convertible Pin Views. Including 5 Easy to Follow Marketing Tips in Tutorial Format.

How To Use Pinterest To Dramatically Increase Web Traffic To Your Online Business (Tutorial - 2018)

You Do Not need A Degree in Information Systems, You don't need to be an SEO GURU

This Tutorial Will Show you 5 Easy To follow | Non-Technical Steps | That....If Applied Correctly | will Allow You To Drive a Massive Amount of Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site.

The Question I am Asked again and Again is "How do I Drive --- & --- Convert Traffic to My WebSite"

What I have found is that there is not a great deal of Useful Pinterest SEO Information Out there...But I will Show You how I have Leveraged my 20 Year of Experience as A Technical Architect and Project Manager To Drive a massive amount of Targeted traffic to Our Web Domain.

This Video is Designed to Show the Average Small Business Owner who may not be a Technical Guru --- 5 Easy to follow Tips to Harness the Incredible Marketing Power of Pinterest ---- To Drive Traffic to your Small Business Web Site.


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TAILWIND LINK: (Pinterest Pin Scheduler - Great Automation Tool) 

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The Canadian Social Influencers You MUST Check out:
Sunny Lenarduzzi here:
Peter McKinnon here:
Duncan Gillis here:

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Social Media Marketing | How to use Pinterest | How To Get  1 Million Monthly Impressions (2018)


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David Hickey is hell bend on providing the best of the marketing and the automation services when it comes to managing the Pinterest Account, even though it has these ads running on sometimes. But still, when compared to what I get in return, it is just a small part of the whole deal and I tend to focus on the positives.
The feature which I like the most and which has also helped in gained more than 50k followers on Pinterest itself is the amazing content crawling and the sophisticated algorithm system which takes the best and pins it on my board. I have also gained a lot of followers on my webpage too using this tool and for that I did not need to be on PC all the time as it is there on mobile platform too making it easy to operate and manage.

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