#FlashbackFriday | They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To

Pedal Car Rat Rod - "They Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To"

#FlashbackFriday |They don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To | Don’t Sell Crap - Yes I am Speaking to Many of You Drop Shippers Out There

"Don’t Sell Crap - Yes I am speaking to many of you drop shippers out there" - Maritime Vintage

 Looking at the toys of our youth its not hard to tell that they “Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To”. Our pedal car rat rod is a testament to this:

"it takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

 What ever happened to that old #Timex #Marketing #Campaign? I have not heard it used in a while? But I digress.

“They don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To” - A lament or truth? There is some truth when it comes to quality and durability.

Some would argue that in the past, skilled tradesmen were dedicated to their craft. They integrated style, passion, and love into their products. They would also point out that with today's assembly lines and the rise of plastics we are seeing a lower quality & durability in today’s products.

Others would make the argument that futuristic composites and new materials add years to a products life cycle. This is a critical factor if yourself on a ship in the middle of “The Might North Atlantic”, with a storm on the horizon. When that wave hits, would you rather be on a wooden schooner, or on an advanced composite ship? I have been in the North Atlantic in a storm and I know my answer.

I have also found that safety and performance can trump craftsmanship and materials (a #tarabish term not a Donald term). This is evident in sporting & racing equipment that has been produced in the last decade.

"There are not many wooden hockey sticks being used in the NHL today." - Maritime Vintage

Others would argue that today's products are made to be less durable and hard to repair in order to invoke a faster buying cycle. Think of the days when #Apple would not allow you to change your iPhone battery.  A truly unacceptable practice in the early days of the transistor radio.

It can also be argued that #craftsmanship still exists today. For example:

“It’s entirely possible to build a home today with the same care and craftsmanship as one of those old Victorians, but it’s just not economically feasible for many buyers." - Jon Gorey     


Consumers will sometimes compromise on long term quality for short term cost savings.

And remember, they also did some lousy building back in our grandparents’ day. Those poorer quality homes, just did not survive the test of time.

 Learning: No Crap - Use quality products to achieve a “Long Term Sustainable Competitive Advantage”

#LinkedinCreators #PinterestCreators has the quality and life cycle of your product been affected by newer technologies? Will your product stand the test of time like the #pedalcars of yesterday?

#FlashbackFriday |They don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To | Don’t Sell Crap - Yes I am Speaking to Many of You Drop Shippers Out There

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