#FlashbackFriday | Bobby Orr Rookie Card | The Most Expensive Sports Cards Ever Sold

#FlashBackFriday | πŸ’› Bobby Orr Rookie Card πŸ’›Β 

πŸ’› The greatest defenceman to ever play the game, and the pride of #Boston and Parry Sound.

πŸ’› In today's #FlashbackFriday video we look at Bobby Orr and his 1966/67 Topps Rookie Card.Β 

πŸ’› NHL fans who was the greatest hockey player of all time Gretzky or Orr? Tell us below.

πŸ’› Today we had a something great walk into our vintage shop. It is a 1967 (66-67) topps Bobby Orr rookie card.

πŸ’› As many of you know from our discussions on Pinterest and social.

πŸ’› I started the Maritime Vintage business with a set of O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards.

πŸ’› I had collected in the 80’s, and I've been flipping them ever sense.

πŸ’› Eventually growing it into the Maritime Vintage brand and business that you see today.

πŸ’› So…we've been doing this a long time.

πŸ’› The older hockey cards are the basis of our business.

πŸ’› We do still bring them in as part of our sport decor line. and still have quite an extensive network of sales for these cards.

πŸ’› This one is impressive and I have been chasing it for years.

πŸ’› Bobby Orr is arguably (next to Wayne Gretzky) the best hockey player that played the game.

πŸ’› Definitely the best defenseman that ever played the game.

πŸ’› He played in Boston for most of his career.

πŸ’›Recently a version of this card that have been rated a 10 sold for over $200,000 at auction.

πŸ’› This one, although this one is definitely not a 10, its in great shape and will garde high.

πŸ’› What we typically do with the cards of this age is: we'll send them away to be validated.

πŸ’› This one has no creases. The the face is clear.

πŸ’› It does have one small nick in one of the corners. So it's going to rated on the hight end.

πŸ’› We think it will be a valuable card. You can see other examples of sports that merchandise that we brought in.

πŸ’›For example, what we're showing you on the screen now is a 2003 Masters flag.

πŸ’›That's the Year Mike Weir won the Masters, a great Canadian golfer.

πŸ’› The Masters flag has been signed by 50 Masters winners. Including Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholson, and a whole bunch of other Masters winners.

πŸ’› Like I said…50 of them a signed the flag.

πŸ’› What package the Orr card similarly to the way we did with the 2003 Masters flag that has Tiger, Nicholson, and Woods.

πŸ’› We're going to frame up the Bobby Orr rookie card after we get it validated by either Beckett or PSA one of the validation services.

πŸ’› So once again leave you with that great vintage find that came in today.

πŸ’› Were very excited. I've been chasing this card for a long time.

πŸ’› I leave you with that today…as our #FlashBackFriday entry.

πŸ’› This is Duncan Gillis from Maritime Vintage Saying: Stay Safe, and watch out for those Cape Breton Mountain Chickens.



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