Your network and your word are sometimes all you have

Your network and your word are sometimes all you have

The Illuminati of the global networks: St. FXU

X-Ring 6

The true power of networking is building mutually beneficial relationships that allow you to walk with confidence, not the short-term rush of posting a new Avatar.

The🍌🐀  learned the power of networking well attending a Maritime University, on the East Coast of Canada. St. Francis Xavier University.

The benefits of this small-town Universities Alumni Network far outreach the benefits of any Ivy League school on the planet.

The X-Ring is the symbol for this global network. And it's an example of one of the most powerful brands and influencer networks on the planet. The St. FXU network is an extremely powerful network that existed well before the internet and social media came along.  A network that has stood the test of time.

I would argue that the ST.FXU with its X-Ring is  "The Illuminati" of Global Networks.

St FX Ring

I find myself leveraging this network every day.

Rumor has it that the St. F.X Ring is the third most recognized ring on the planet.  The first being the Pope's ring, the second one being the Super Bowl ring. @DezBryant @moneymacc. 😊

@ABigThingBadly It was even reportedly a Jeopardy Question. 😊

Now you're going to start seeing these X-rings popping up all over the place.

xring 2

I've worked in Australia, India, US, Europe, Brazil, and in Canada, and everywhere I go...I always find fellow “X” Grads with an X-ring.

I am starting to see these same Networking benefits emerging online, primarily with The Gutter Cat Gang (@GutterCatGang) and some of the other NFT Avatar and Art projects.

Banana Rat Suit

A very encouraging sign for those communities.

Many of you will find you have traditional networks that you're probably not leveraging to their full ability. Start leveraging them today.

One final thought on Networking: “We tend to hang out with people like ourselves—the same gender, ethnicity, and academic background,” As Misner says: "diversity is key to growing a strong personal network.”

x-Ring 3

 The 🍌🐀 was here.


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