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#WhatsInMyBag | ❀ Pinterest Analytics ❀ How to Use the New Pinterest Analytics Tools

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A Powerful New Version of πŸ’› Pinterest Analytics πŸ’› is Available Today.

πŸ’› In today’s #WhatsInMyBag tutorial, I will show you how to use the new version of Pinterest Analytics, and the Pinterest Marketing Framework, to drive millions of organic impressions & generate actionable sales leads.

πŸ’› #Pinterest is one of the most underrated marketing tools on the planet.

πŸ’› #Pinterest is the second largest search engine that is not owned by #Google.

πŸ’› #Pinterest is not a pure media channel, nor is it a pure utility play. Its something unique.

πŸ’› #Pinterest has allowed our clients to average between 4 million and 12 million monthly organic impressions.

πŸ’› #Pinterest is ideal for small businesses that want to drive organic traffic to without a lot of ad spend. -See our #HubandSpoke & #Pinterest #Marketing #Frameworks.

🎈 #ContentCreators do you use #Pinterest to drive traffic to your #brand & landing page?

πŸ’› If not, we recommend that you check it out.

πŸ’› #Pinterest is currently one of the most underutilized marketing tools on the planet.

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