The 2nd Great NFT Migration is Upon Us

The 2nd Great NFT Migration is Upon Us 

Many brands have been concerned with the pushback they are receiving from their traditional customers on the environmental impacts of mining Ethereum. That is changing with Ethereum’s move to a “proof of stake” validation method. 

The Ethereum Merge - The Great Exodus


It is estimated that Switching to “proof of stake” will slash Ethereum’s energy usage by 99% or more. Paving the way for many brands that have been sitting on the NFT sidelines to start dipping their toes in the water. 🧵👇(2)

The Green Man Ethereum Merge Good for environment

Once Ethereum’s Merge is completed (mid-Sept) we will begin to see traditional brands begin to announce and implement the NFT strategies & blockchain use cases they have been working on for the past two years. 🧵👇(3)

The Great Exodus: The Ethereum Merge

This 2nd Great NFT Migration will open the door to many new NFT project launches that do not rely on the typical NFT Avatar/Land models that have been successful to date. 🧵👇(4)


An early adopter in this space is Nike/RTF

RTFKT NIKE NFT Blockchain Fashion

KT with the launch of the new NFT/RFID/Street Wear Clone X clothing line this week. The Fashion industry has been an early adopter of the blockchain & created some unique NFT use cases. 🧵👇(5)

RTFKT Nike Murakami

Recent NFT launches from fashion brands like Tiffany & Co, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Gucci, & Dolce Gabbana have shown that sales of hundreds of millions of dollars of NFTs are possible in Web 3.0 & have ushered in what will be known as the 2nd Great NFT Migration. 🧵👇(6)

RTFKT Nike Rome Juliet Clone X Brand Collaborations

This is good news for existing NFT projects that have been operating in a bear market over the summer. As new NFT use cases are created and brands begin to onboard their existing customers, the second great wave of development & funding will enter the NFT space. 🧵👇(7)

The Second Great NFT Migration is Upon Us Merge Ethereum

The 2nd Great NFT Migration is Upon Us 🧵👇(8)

So keep your eyes open for some of the new use cases that brands will launch on the blockchain. There will be many opportunities to find that 1 dollar

RTFKT x Jeff Staple

Meta-Pigeon from RTFKT Nike and Jeff Staple


RTFKT Nike NFT Fashion and Gaming project

Meta-Pigeon that turns into a multi-million-dollar brand empire. 🧵👇(9)

The Second Great NFT Age is Upon Us

“Long may your big jib draw.” - Art by Blaise

The 🍌🐀 has spoken. 🧵👇(10) 

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