Nvidia Chips = “Everything Everywhere All at Once

🚨🎉Nvidia Chips = “Everything Everywhere All at Once”🎉🚨

🚨Nvidia 🚨 - We’re gonna party like it’s 1995.  🎉🥳🎉🥳

👾 From the mind of The Banana Rat: The Mind-Blowing Scale of AI's Impact – It's Way Bigger Than You Think!

👾The true magnitude of artificial intelligence (AI) remains vastly underestimated. "Unveiled: The Mind-Blowing Scale of AI's Impact – It's Way Bigger Than You Think!"

👾The first stage of AI infrastructure deployment will be completed by Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Google, and Apple. With Microsoft being one of the biggest winners due to the dominance in the corporate world. The home is still up for grabs.

👾The second stage will involve Sovereign Nations, States/Provences, Municipalities/BigCities.

👾Every country, every province/state, and every municipality/major city will need an AI platform. This is essential for managing sovereign AI data tasks to benefit citizens and to ensure tax dollars are spent in a more optimized way. Additionally, it's crucial for protection against AI cyber attacks.

👾The third stage will be industry-specific hubs, such as AI models for prescription drugs, healthcare, engineering, automotive, environment, etc. These industries will see huge gains in research and time to market as A.I. helps to exponentially improves efficiency and productivity.

👾The fourth stage will be AI edge computing, where organizations rebuild their infrastructures to support local AI services. This will include the internet of things and mobile devices.

👾The final stage will be a global AI arms race or Cold War where every country ramps up there offensive and defensive AI infrastructures. 👾 This is the often the least talked about “use case” but it’s likely the use case that will drive a huge sum of long term repeating revenue. As long as they stay in Cold War mode.

🚨We are entering an A.I. Super Cycle

👾The AI revolution is still in its early stages, where the world is building out the infrastructure. AI will impact every business in every industry across all verticals. Whatever you think the market for AI is today, the Banana Rat suggests multiplying that by 1000!

👾Actionable Takeaway: To harness the full potential of AI's sweeping impact, individuals and organizations need to start playing with and using the technology.  Start by educating yourself and your team about AI's capabilities and its implications.

👾Invest in AI-related training and consider partnering with AI-driven companies. Evaluate and update your business strategies to integrate AI solutions, focusing on efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.

👾Regularly assess the AI landscape for emerging trends and adapt accordingly. Remember, staying informed and adaptable is key to thriving in this AI-transformed world.

👾Get on board the AI train. Educate yourself and your company, or you will quickly be left behind.

The🍌🐀has spoken.

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