NFT Use Cases: A 🧵 by the 🍌🐀

NFT Use Cases: A 🧵 by the 🍌🐀

Until recently NFTs have been primarily used to encase artwork and Web 3.0 community avatar projects.  The true power of NFTs has yet to be fully released

NFTs will be used to sell everything from 🏘️ &🚗to ☕& 🍺.  NFTs will be more disruptive than the printing press and the assembly line. The disruption will be on par with the disruptive nature of the internet in 1997.


Many brands are launching NFT membership programs. Membership NFTs will act as payment, gift cards, & membership clubs. Starbucks is launching something very soon, look for other fast-food chains to experiment in this area. 🧵👇(1of9) 

Starbucks Odyssey  NFT Memebership

Passive Income: 

Passive Income and Training: Seeing some movement in the passive income & training side. With gated training moving to the blockchain & the metaverse.


Maritime Vintage Project managers Toolkit Passive Income

Seeing many training & content companies move content to an NFT format to take advantage of the ease of use & the ability to collect on secondary sales. Larger training companies and training-based influencers are prototyping this currently. 🧵👇(3) 

Vehicle Sales will Move to the Blockchain: 

Car Dealerships: Many large car dealing platforms are beta testing NFTs for ownership and payment. Look for the major car-selling platforms to beta test in 2023. 🧵👇(4)

NFT Use Cases Car and truck sales blockchain

Confidential Records: 

Confidential Records: Confidential records will begin to move to NFT format. Look for some creative beta NFT trials from personal health records companies and others 🧵👇(5) 

NFT and Blockchain security

Real Estate & Land Management: 

Real estate & Land Management: Real estate & land ownership are moving to the blockchain. Seeing many of the real estate REITs and real estate companies actively launching blockchain-backed purchases of land & buildings. 🧵👇(6) 

 NFT Use Cases Banana Rat Maritime Vintage NFT

The Music & Recording Industry: 

The Music Industry: The music industry has started to transition to the blockchain. Muse’s NFT album just hit #1 on the UK charts. Look for artists, labels, and music streaming sites (like Spotify) to beta-test many new NFT use cases.🧵👇 (7)

Snoop Dog NFT Music NFT Blockchain Music

Augmented Reality: 

Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality Metaverses will lead to the need for digital twins. These digital twins will support Augmented Reality Metaverses & Augmented Reality Glasses. Look at what Superworld is doing & Pokemon Go.  


Augmented Reality Virtual Reality NFT Use Case Blockchain NFT

Digital Twins: 

Leading us to perhaps one of the biggest emerging use cases for NFTs: Digital Twins. As augmented/virtual reality metaverses grow we will find that we need a digital twin for every person, every building, every room, many items in the room, and many pieces of clothing. 🧵👇(9) 

 NFT Use Cases Digital Twin NFTs on the blockchain

The  🍌🐀has spoken. 


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