Most Brands Fail at Community Management. Is Your Brand One of Them?

Most brands fail at Community Management. And instead of investigating what they’re doing wrong, they just declare that the community does not work. 

Community Management Tips

The 🍌🐀 says they are wrong... 

There is much power and value in building an external community brand.  

Learn why🧵👇(1/28)  

The 🍌🐀 has worked with many large cosmetics brand and their communities on Pinterest. The questions that they are asking are very similar to the discussions transpiring with Web 3.0 Brands.  

The🍌🐀 thought it would be worth sharing that discussion thread from Pinterest.  

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Many brands do not realize that their community already exists on social & in the Metaverse.  

It’s a Community Managers job to understand the community and grow with the community.  They help build a framework for members within the community to engage with each other. 

Community Management in the Metaverse


Brands will find that there are already "super fans" who love their brand. As a Community Manager, it’s your job to rally them together and build a creative space for them to hang out and grow.  


To build a community that supports your brand, you need to know what your brand is.

What is your Why? 

This goes beyond what your business sells or offers into the core purpose of your business.   


Figure out which problem you’re solving and what value you’re offering your members.  And how each of these community tracks aligns with who you are as a brand.  

"If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll need dumb luck to get there."


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Learn more on "Finding Your Why" here: 

Finding Your Why

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Community Management gives community members a reason to stay involved & interested. 

You need to keep 'em coming back. -🍌🐀

Few Community Managers understand what it takes to achieve these community benefits. 

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  

Most brands fail at Community Management.

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The big problem with Community Management is, many brands have misconceptions about what brand communities are.  And they have not documented how they should operate. Documentation is key. 


The 🍌🐀 has seen, brands label their community efforts as a marketing task on a project plan. This generally leads to major issues down the line.  


For a community to succeed, it must be tied to the strategic priorities of the brand. It must be part of a larger strategic planning and delivery strategy. It must support business goals and strategic milestones. 


A well-structured community will serve the community members, not the Brand itself, but it is critical that there are synergies and KPIs between the two. 


A brand builds loyalty by empowering customer groups (Ideal Customer Avatars) by stepping up and helping the community meet their needs.

People want to know what is in it for them. -🍌🐀

The Metaverse is the Marketplace - 🍌🐀


Communities can achieve great things together, as the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, by allowing every member to play a valuable role.  

Not by just focusing on a handful of influencers.  


Quality Not Quantity when building a community


One way for a community to scale & grow is to define a range of community roles. These roles can be defined in a small "Terms of Reference" document that is updated regularly. This can be a way to get new members & any shy members actively involved with the community. 


What are some roles you may see in an active online community?  

➡️ Mentors,

➡️ Educators,

➡️ Teachers,

➡️ Historians,

➡️ Storytellers (The 🍌🐀s favorite),

➡️ Guides,

➡️ Moderators,

➡️ Brand Ambassadors,

➡️ Creatives, and

➡️ KPI Specialists (data-driven decisions baby).

Many more exist...  


A strong community is a valuable resource for a brand.  With a well-thought-out community structure, both the brand and the community can be empowered. Delivering great benefits that empower both the Brand and the members.   


Finally KPIs  

“If you don’t measure it, it’s very hard to improve it”



Try setting clear goals for each of the focus areas for your Community. This applies to both the Community Manager and the Community.  

Measure the KPIs to see if you and the community are achieving your defined goals.  

Data-driven decisions baby!!!! -🍌🐀  


What does the 🍌🐀 look for in a community manager? 🤔🤔🤔  

🧵👇 (20/28) 

When filling a community manager position the 🍌🐀 looks for someone that is:  

➡️Active on omnichannel social.   

➡️Engages regularly within their existing network.  


The🍌🐀 looks at what tools & tactics they use to manage their personal network.  I tend to lean heavily on their personal brand.  

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The🍌🐀tends to look at how proactive they've been on multiple social platforms. Having a big social following isn't key for me, but seeing someone actively go out of their way to get involved in communities & play a positive role within them is a key hiring factor.  


Being actively involved in existing communities and volunteering to moderate them, or trying to grow your personal brand, are crucial to getting noticed and gaining experience. Good Vibes, putting out fires, calming things. 


And if you have no experience volunteer to gain some. 

"If you just ask...the mentorship opportunities you can gain within your LinkedIn network are amazing." - 🍌🐀 

The🍌🐀 tends to rely quite heavily on his LinkedIn 1st tier network when hiring. 

The Communities Rocket Fuel


The Community's rocket fuel is trust & a shared purpose. It takes time & patience to build this foundation. 

Communities take years to mature & reach their full potential, not months, weeks, or days. 

Keep in mind, there are many types & one size may not fit all. 

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If your brand is in it for the short-term, and not for the long-term, readjust your sails or get ready for ☹️. 

Look for that "Long-term, Sustainable, Competitive, Advantage". -🍌🐀

 The Community's rocket fuel is trust & a shared purpose. It takes time & patience to build this foundation.

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The Metaverse is the Marketplace" - 🍌🐀

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Most brands fail at Community Management. And instead of investigating what they’re doing wrong, they just declare that the community does not work.

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