"The NFT Platform Wars Are Upon Us"

The NFT platform wars are under way and they will be very similar to the browser wars of the 90’s. Not too many people out there remember Netscape Navigator. 

The NFT Platform Wars are Upon Us
  1. First, many entries
  2. Then, platform war
  3. Finally, consolidation and shake out

We are now entering the second stage. 👇

Metaverse Marketplace wars tweet by the Banana Rat


"Many of today's NFT Marketplaces will be made obsolete or relighted to the back end stack". -🍌🐀

I believe this will be a good thing for NFT buyers & sellers. Remember though…

“The Metaverse is the Marketplace”. -🍌🐀

The Metaverse Is the Marketplace

Rarible has introduced a great aggregation tool to help us manage the complexity in the short term.

Is Rarible the Expedia of NFT Marketplaces?  🤔🤔

Rarible is introducing new blockchain aggregation tools to compare NFT prices across multiple marketplaces. Users can browse & purchase Ethereum digital assets from #Rarible, #OpenSea, #LooksRare, #X2Y2 & #Sudoswap.

The NFT Platform Wars Are Upon Us

Plan accordingly and always build your brand and startup on land you own.  Meaning that you should build your brand on a platform like Shopify or WordPress.  This shelters your brand from the whims of any one Marketplace or Social site.

The NFT Platform Wars Are Upon US

Many of today's NFT marketplaces will be made obsolete or relighted to the back end as...

"The Metaverse is the Marketplace" -🍌🐀

This is why you always want to build on land you own.  On platforms like Shopify or a hosted WordPress site.

Hub and Spoke Metaverse Marketing Framework

It can be crippling to a startup or artist if for some reason they are banned from a social channel, especially if that channel is where most of their sales are generated.  And all you artists out there remember that you are the brand.

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You can learn more about building on Web 2.0 & 3.0 Land you own in the Banana Rats:

"Hub and Spoke Marketing Framework"

Hub and Spoke Marketing framework from Web 3 and the Metaverse from the Banana Rat and Maritime Vinatge

 "Artists, remember that you are the Brand.  Build accordingly on land you own" - 🍌🐀

The NFT Platform Wars Are Upon Us

The 🍌🐀 has spoken.

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