Is BlackBerry Outsmarting Tesla in the Self-Driving Race? Unveiling the Game-Changing Tech That Could Topple the EV Giant!

 🖤🫐 Is BlackBerry Outsmarting Tesla in the Self-Driving Race? Unveiling the Game-Changing Tech That Could Topple the EV Giant!🫐🖤

🫐 In an era where automotive innovation is rapidly transforming, we are witnessing a significant shift in the industry, led by key players like NVIDIA, BlackBerry QNX, and Blackberry IVY and Tesla.

🔑 Key Innovations:

🫐  NVIDIA's DRIVE Thor centralized computer, combined with the new QNX OS, is set to offer an unparalleled foundation for automotive systems.

🫐 As Ali Kani, VP of Automotive at NVIDIA, highlights, this fusion marks a milestone in a nearly two-decade collaboration with BlackBerry QNX, pushing both companies to the forefront of automotive technology.

🫐 Alex Oyler of SBD Automotive emphasizes the industry's need for tools that aid in developing software-defined vehicles. A secure operating system that integrates smoothly with high-performance chips is crucial for a safe, seamless driver experience.

🌐 The Game-Changer: Blackberry IVY

🫐  Blackberry IVY is poised to disrupt the status quo. By creating a standard data layer across QNX-powered vehicles (175 million and counting), and supporting other OSs, IVY is set to become the industry standard for data sharing.

🫐  This move will likely see Blackberry IVY surpass Tesla's data scale, given Tesla's 3 billion real-world Autopilot miles. IVY's potential to standardize and secure data sharing for over 235 million + vehicles represents a a key AI data source for training self driving  autonomous vehicles. 

🫐  Blackberry and AWS are bridging the gap between traditional automotive and software realms, establishing programming standards and data marketplaces.

🫐 And have one of the only data sets that is possibly bigger and more detailed then Teslas. And with BlackBerry’s QNX system the security is top of the line, which is critical to stop hackers from gaining control of the vehicle.

🚀 Impact on Automakers and AV Software Makers:🚀

🫐  With Blackberry IVY, automakers have the opportunity to leverage a massive data pool for enhancing vehicle software, from improving battery performance to advancing autonomous driving capabilities.

🫐  This makes BlackBerry one of the biggest AI plays on the planet, folks have just not connected the dots yet.

💼 Collaboration with AWS: 💼

🫐  Blackberry IVY is an attractive proposition for existing AWS Automotive clients like Toyota, BMW, and VW. It enhances cloud-based workflows and product development, backed by longstanding trust in Blackberry and AWS, without data ownership conflicts.

🫐 As we look to the future, it's clear: embracing advanced software solutions like Blackberry IVY is not just an option, but a necessity for automakers aiming to stay competitive in this evolving landscape. And purchase will lead to a true competitor to Tesla in the AI self driving autonomous vehicle space.

🫐 BlackBerry will rise again!!!!

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