The System Development Life Cycle for a multi-layered Web 3.0 Gaming & Metaverse Platform is 3-7 years.

The System Development Life Cycle for a multi-layered Web 3.0 Gaming & Metaverse Platform is 3-7 years.

Due to the complexity of the bleeding edge technology in Web 3.0 and legal uncertainty, most Web 3.0/Metaverse projects are finding that their original delivery timelines have increased by a factor of 2.5x for both time and budget. In some cases, the timeline changes are even more drastic.  

This is not uncommon in a complex build-and-release environment. 

Blockchain legal complexities and undecided law only complicate this reality. In most cases, delivery slippage is justifiable through the project change request process. 

 The SDLC for Complex Web 3.0 Metverse Games

These delivery delays have left many Web 3.0 communities waiting for their first major Metaverse release. 

The question Web 3.0 projects and their communities should be asking is: 

How to keep the community engaged until the major project milestones can are realized?


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So how do we keep our Web 3.0 communities alive?

Even with an agile delivery approach, many projects are finding they are 2+ years away from their first major Metaverse release. 

This “thought blog” will investigate some strategies to mitigate these gaps and it will be updated regularly.

SDLC with Ethereum

You Need a Documented Strategic Plan

A multi-year strategic plan is critical to the long-term success of a business.  The strategy must also be tied to a build-and-release schedule that is approved by sponsors, architecture, and delivery.  In small shops, these roles may lie with one person, but the accountabilities of the role should be defined and documented.

Strategic Planning

Know Your Why

"It's Not About What You Do, but Why You Do It"  -Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek has some good tutorials on this.

The concept boils down to the assertion that a business doesn’t attract customers based on what it does, but rather, why it does what it does. 

Finding your Why Metaverse

Metaverse Building Blocks

Ensure that your strategic planning process includes "Metaverse Building Blocks" outside of your main release cycle.  This will allow your team to roll out the basic building blocks of the Metaverse to the community as part of your delivery plan. 

Then the community will then grow with you, supporting the growth of your web 3.0 milestones, as you reach your launch dates. 

Some "Metaverse Building Block Work Packages" that Web 3.0 teams should be looking for are:

  • 3D Rigged avatars
  • Augmented Reality Filters (i.e. Snapchat filters)
  • A Metaverse landing page on land they own. Their landing page in the Metaverse. (Oncyber, HofK)
  • An education team that creates orientation/learning videos for the community.

The "Augmented Reality Metaverse" comes before The "Virtual Reality Metaverse"

We will see the mass-adoption of  the Augmented Reality Metaverse long before we will see the mass-adoption of the Virtual Reality Metaverse. 

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This means that 3D-rigged avatars that allow for real-world digital twins, and augmented reality filters for platforms such as Snapchat are key to success in Web 3.0 in the short term (2-7 years).

You can lean more in this blog where we discuss the "Corporate Meetingverse"

3D Rigged Avatars


Delivery is Key

Delivery is the key to building community. Memes help broadcast a message, but delivery keeps your tribe in the long term.

Knowing that nine out of ten new businesses will fail (period).

  • 10% in year one,
  • 70% in years two through five,
  • and 90% by year ten.

Delivery is key for long-term health.  

The System Development Life Cycle, a documented long-term strategic plan, and a well-tried Project Management Office can help you manage delivery and manage community expectations as change happens.

You can learn more HERE

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