#FlashbackFriday | The Four Symbols Album | Symbolism in Branding: Zeppelin Style

#FlashbackFriday | The Four Symbols Album | Symbolism in Branding: Zeppelin Style

Learn from the past.

Zeppelin's mystery jacket with no mention of the bands name and no writing on the jacket. Ingenious or Bust?

The fourth album by Led Zeppelin was released on the 8th November 1971. The untitled album has been most commonly referred to as Led Zeppelin IV. It has also been called, #Four  Symbols.

#FlashbackFriday | The Four Symbols Album | Symbolism in Branding: Zeppelin Style

The symbols are actually runes, picked out by the band members. A rune is a rudimentary symbol that proceeded written language.

“All we have are four symbols on the shrink wrapping . There’s nothing on the jacket, not even on the spine, to give a clue to the product,” -Bob Rolontz

Jimmy Page decided that the next Led Zeppelin album would not have a title, but would instead feature four hand-drawn symbols on the inner sleeve and record label, each one chosen by the band member it represents.

#FlashbackFriday | The Four Symbols Album | Symbolism in Branding: Zeppelin Style

The album was one of the first to be produced without conventional identification.

LinkedinCreators: does the albums design or non-design add an element of interest to the promotion of the Zeppelin brand?

#FlashbackFriday | The Four Symbols Album | Symbolism in Branding: Zeppelin Style

Could this be leveraged by brands today? Brand Symbols Branding Linkedin tips advertising music zeppelin



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