#FlashbackFriday | Model-T to Tesla

Henry Ford once said of the Model-T: "You can have what ever color you want as long as it’s Black"

ford model-t tesla

You can see #ElonMusk struggling with similar issues today at the #Tesla's assembly line. #Tesla has recently taken steps to reduces the available colors in the #Tesla line.

Removing obsidian black metallic and silver metallic from its standard color choices, according to a tweet from Musk. He said the reduced choices would "simplify manufacturing."

These challenges that #ElonMusk and the #Tesla team face are not new. In 1908, Henry #Ford introduced the "assembly line" for motor vehicle construction. The assembly line was built on a foundation of standardization. Transforming manufacturing & speeding up production.

On the negative side the production line allowed for limited design features and did not allow for artistic flair.

However, we are entering a new age of digital manufacturing.

Today's manufacturing lines include rapid prototyping and machine learning. Through the use of machine learning techniques and the use of IofT sensors, we are seeing faster production cycles and less defects.

This leads to better inventory control, cost savings, and higher customer satisfaction.

The digital transformation in the manufacturing sector is highly evident in some companies. #Tesla is a great example of this type of digital transformation. While others companies and brands have ignored it and remained dormant or hostage to their past processes.

#Tesla has shown, that today's manufacturing processes and assembly lines are still challenged by many of the the same issues that Henry Ford was faced with on the fist Model-T assembly line.

Ford famously said:

"If I'd asked people what they wanted, they'd have said, 'Faster Horses' ".

- Henry Ford

And #Tesla is moving with the same type of forward thinking vision that Henry Ford used back on the first industrial assembly line.

#LinkedinCreators: How has the digitization of the assembly line affected your product and customer experience? What types of change do you see coming to the modern day assembly line?

#FlashbackFriday #002

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