#FlashbackFriday | Bobby Orr Rookie Card | The Most Expensive Sports Cards Ever Sold

#FlashBackFriday | 💛 Bobby Orr Rookie Card 💛 

💛 The greatest defenceman to ever play the game, and the pride of #Boston and Parry Sound.

💛 In today's #FlashbackFriday video we look at Bobby Orr and his 1966/67 Topps Rookie Card.

💛 NHL fans who was the greatest hockey player of all time Gretzky or Orr? Tell us below.

💛 Today we had a something great walk into our vintage shop. It is a 1967 (66-67) topps Bobby Orr rookie card.

💛 As many of you know from our discussions on Pinterest and social.

💛 I started the Maritime Vintage business with a set of O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards.

💛 I had collected in the 80’s, and I've been flipping them ever sense.

💛 Eventually growing it into the Maritime Vintage brand and business that you see today.

💛 So…we've been doing this a long time.

💛 The older hockey cards are the basis of our business.

💛 We do still bring them in as part of our sport decor line. and still have quite an extensive network of sales for these cards.

💛 This one is impressive and I have been chasing it for years.

💛 Bobby Orr is arguably (next to Wayne Gretzky) the best hockey player that played the game.

💛 Definitely the best defenseman that ever played the game.

💛 He played in Boston for most of his career.

💛Recently a version of this card that have been rated a 10 sold for over $200,000 at auction.

💛 This one, although this one is definitely not a 10, its in great shape and will garde high.

💛 What we typically do with the cards of this age is: we'll send them away to be validated.

💛 This one has no creases. The the face is clear.

💛 It does have one small nick in one of the corners. So it's going to rated on the hight end.

💛 We think it will be a valuable card. You can see other examples of sports that merchandise that we brought in.

💛For example, what we're showing you on the screen now is a 2003 Masters flag.

💛That's the Year Mike Weir won the Masters, a great Canadian golfer.

💛 The Masters flag has been signed by 50 Masters winners. Including Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholson, and a whole bunch of other Masters winners.

💛 Like I said…50 of them a signed the flag.

💛 What package the Orr card similarly to the way we did with the 2003 Masters flag that has Tiger, Nicholson, and Woods.

💛 We're going to frame up the Bobby Orr rookie card after we get it validated by either Beckett or PSA one of the validation services.

💛 So once again leave you with that great vintage find that came in today.

💛 Were very excited. I've been chasing this card for a long time.

💛 I leave you with that today…as our #FlashBackFriday entry.

💛 This is Duncan Gillis from Maritime Vintage Saying: Stay Safe, and watch out for those Cape Breton Mountain Chickens.




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