10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design | 📌 Pin It on Pinterest 📌

10 Amazing Steampunk Décor Tips: That Nail Steampunk Design

10 Steampunk Design Decor Tips DIY

📌 Imagine a world where machinery and vehicles are powered by steam. Technology is largely driven by clockwork & steam-based technology. And Victorian fashion and an industrial décor inspired design. That is the heart and soul of the #Steampunk decor universe.

📌 One of the newer styles that interior designers have become obsessed with in 2019 is Steampunk décor. The #Steampunk style has a bohemian vibe that leverage’s Victorian & Industrial design elements & combines them with bohemian elegance.

📌 Without further ado here are the 10 Steampunk decor tips:

How to decorate using a Steampunk Decor theme Vintage Steampunk Globe

Courtesy of Maritime Vintage (Duncan Gillis)
Interior designers have undergone a #paradigm shift and #Steampunk has grown from a niche design space into a mainstream subculture.  As Alexander Keith used to say, “Those who like it, like it a lot”.

  Steampunk decor  
Courtesy of homedit and lesnouveauxbrocanteurs

📌 Steampunk has become a key “go-to” for up and coming interior designers.

Steampunk Elephant Steampunk Clock and ash tray marble  Steampunk Desktop  

10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design

1.  Vintage globes of cast iron and metal are in high demand for #Steampunk design in 2019.

Vintage Steampunk Globe Decor  Steampunk Pedal Car  Steampunk Globe

 2.  Make use of softer neutral & metallic colors as well as grays and browns and a splash of red is often used as well.

     Grays and Browns

    3.  Re-purposed Victorian furniture is a main go-to for #Steampunk design.

    4.  Embellish your design with vintage machinery parts & gears.

      Steampunk  Safe   Steampunk Submarine Gage
      Courtesy of Maritime Vintage (Duncan Gillis)

      5.  Industrial backdrops, such as metal lockers make good accent walls.

      6. Vintage clocks & clockwork pieces are abundant in Steampunk design.

      7.  Brass, copper, Iron & bronze accents are often leveraged as part of an industrial motif.

      Steampunk Steam Engine Throttle  Steampunk Steam Whistle

      Courtesy of Maritime Vintage (Duncan Gillis)

      8.  Victorian clothing & vintage hats are often used as décor accents.

      9.  Steamer trunks and vintage maps are often used as focal points.

      10.  Using a bohemian layout that utilizes Industrial elements is key.

      📌 One of the major advantages of the #Steampunk design style is that you can leverage the thrift stores and second-hand finds.  As the #Steampunk décor style focuses on a #bohemian mix of old and re-purposed furnishings and themes

      📌 The #Steampunk decor style can create an entirely new and unique look in any home.

      📌 Play around with the #Steampunk style and enjoy one of 2019’s fastest-growing décor styles.

      📌 There are no set rules for #Steampunk décor.  Shop flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops to bring together you Victorian-inspired #Steampunk look.

      📌 Content Creators, what do you think of our #Steampunk décor tips? Show us your Steampunk designs so we can feature them on our Pinterest Project Board.

      📌 One of the newer styles interior designers have become obsessed with in 2019 is Steampunk décor. The #Steampunk style has a bohemian vibe that leverage’s Victorian & Industrial design elements & combines them with bohemian elegance.

      📌 We would love to see your finished #Steampunk decor pictures send them to Info@MaritimewVintage.com



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      Article by: Duncan Blaise Gillis

      Maritime Vintage




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