#VintageVerse | Branding Lessons from 💛 Jack and Diane 💛

#VintageVerse | Branding Lessons From 💛Jack and Diane💛

Creating a persona or character that your customer can relate to.

Musicians figured out how to do this a long time ago.

By building an emotional connection between their audiences & song characters, musicians bring a level of depth & compassion to their music. And a lasting bond.

For those of us born in the 70,s and 80,s think

💚Jake and Diane

💚Tommy and Gena

These characters take you back to Tommy working the docks & Jack and Diane hanging out at the tasty freeze. And for most of us, we can relate & feel that connection. #Brands must build this type of emotional connection with their customers.

They are not only customers they are your #tribe.

#ContentCreators have you leveraged characters or mascots in your brand marketing campaigns? We would like to hear your success story.

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