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10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design

Duncan Gillis #Steampunk Decor Interior Design Steampunk

10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design

One of the newer styles interior designers have become obsessed with in 2019 is Steampunk décor. The #Steampunk style has a bohemian vibe that leverage’s Victorian & Industrial design elements & combines them with a bohemian elegance.   Courtesy of Maritime Vintage (Duncan Gillis) Interior designers have undergone a #paradigm shift and #Steampunk has grown from a niche design space into a mainstream subculture.  As Alexander Keith used to say, “Those who like it, like it a lot”.     Courtesy of homedit and lesnouveauxbrocanteurs   Imagine a world where machinery and vehicles are powered by steam.  Technology is largely driven by...

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