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Blog — #FlashbackFriday

#FlashbackFriday | 1933’s 🦍 #KingKong 🦍

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#FlashbackFriday | 1933’s 🦍 #KingKong 🦍

#FlashbackFriday | 1933’s 🦍 #KingKong 🦍 Travel to the Mysterious Skull Island  The #JurassicPark of it’s Time. We take you back to a time when the leading man was a giant 50 foot ape on the mysterious Skull Island. Few images are as iconic and well known as ��#KingKong 🦍. The 1933 film was ground breaking in its use of “old school” stop motion animation. The original 1933 #Kong 🦍 had depth of character that did not carry forward into some of the future remakes. Denham comments "No, it wasn't the airplanes, It was beauty killed the beast," #Kong 🦍was intended to be more sympathetic and, yes, human,...

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