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Maritime Vintage Vlog | Blog — DIY Steampunk Projects

💛 10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design 💛

Duncan Gillis 10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design DIY Steampunk Projects How to decorate in the Staempunk style Industrial decor 10 Amazing steampunk decor tips Interior Design Steampunk Steampunk Decor Steampunk DIY Projects Steampunk Love Steampunk Project ideas

💛 10 Amazing #Steampunk Room #Décor Ideas: That Nail Steampunk Design 💛

One of the newer styles interior designers have become obsessed with in 2019 is Steampunk décor. The #Steampunk style has a bohemian vibe that leverage’s Victorian & Industrial design elements & combines them with a bohemian elegance.   Courtesy of Maritime Vintage (Duncan Gillis) Interior designers have undergone a #paradigm shift and #Steampunk has grown from a niche design space into a mainstream subculture.  As Alexander Keith used to say, “Those who like it, like it a lot”.     Courtesy of homedit and lesnouveauxbrocanteurs   Imagine a world where machinery and vehicles are powered by steam.  Technology is largely driven by...

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